How much help do you offer to use the ChiroLead Dashboard effectively?
We offer three options when it comes to access and use of the ChiroLead Dashboard app. Our do-it-yourself option provides some basic training on using the different aspects of the dashboard. Our done with you option gives you more in-depth training and access to twice monthly Q&A sessions in our Facebook group. And lastly, we have our done for you option which gives you the ability to have access to the dashboard while we run a marketing system to consistently generate leads and new patients for you.   
How much is the ChiroLead Dashboard app? 
The ChiroLead Dashboard app varies in price depending on what level of support you require. We highly recommend you schedule a short call to discuss your practice so we can give you the best recommendation.
How many marketing campaigns can you run in the ChiroLead Dashboard app? 
Using the ChiroLead Dashboard app you can set up an unlimited number of marketing campaigns with emails, texts, voicemail drops, funnels, and more.

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